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Why do I need a REVS Check?

For many Australians, the only method they can manage an automobile is to buy second hand. If you aren’t mindful, you can end up either paying even more than the vehicle is worth, acquiring a car the vendor still owes money on or even getting a swiped cars and truck.

Ensure you’re obtaining what you pay for

Unless you’re purchasing from a recognised, accredited car supplier, anything’s possible. You might purchase an auto that says it has actually just done 150,000 kilometres but truly has actually corrected 300,000 kms. If you don’t inspect, you might wind up paying far more than the car is worth– approximately $10,000 even more in some cases.

Something very similar occurred to a Sydney guy who wound up paying $12,000 greater than his vehicle was worth because he really did not get it looked into.

Cost of a REVS check getting a taken auto

Under existing Australian regulation, if you buy a swiped auto you will certainly usually shed the cars and truck and also the cash you paid for it. That’s why it’s so crucial to examine the history of the automobile. And examining the automobile’s background is quite a fast process, and in the end might save you countless bucks.

Beware where you obtain your REVS check from

Some non-government web sites are charging up to $25 for a single REVS check according to the Sydney Morning Herald. This is greater than $20 over what the Australian government charges.

That’s quite a great deal of money when you consider some consumers will lug out a REVS check on up to 4 or 5 cars prior to they make an acquiring choice. Particularly, when all you’re attempting to do is guarantee the auto– and the automobile sale– is reputable.

Get assurance with a cheap REVS check

A REVS check really just allows you to really feel safe and secure in the knowledge the car you’re regarding to get– or thinking about getting financing for– is reputable. How to do a revs check & also just how much does it set you back to do a revs check?

You shouldn’t need to hand over $25 per vehicle for that. Not when you’re going to want to look around and also look for the best car deal for your demands.

A REVS check from will cost you simply $14.99; that’s less than various other non-government internet sites.

Performing your REVS consult is quickly, simple, straight-forward and inexpensive. A REVS check supplies you with a money check, registration details, specifications of the vehicle and a check to see if the auto has actually been taken or written-off.

Don’t be the sufferer of fraudulence. Inspect the history of the automobile you’re regarding to purchase with a cheap REVS check from

If you don’t examine, you might end up paying far more than the cars and truck is worth– up to $10,000 more in some cases.

Under present Australian legislation, if you get a taken car you will certainly more usually than not lose the cash and the automobile you paid for it. That’s why it’s so crucial to examine the history of the auto. And checking the cars and truck’s history is fairly a quick procedure, and in the end could save you thousands of dollars.

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