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Save Your Money

If you don't know the full history of your vehicle, you may spend a lot of money on repairs. Make sure you know everything before you decide to buy a used car. One report can help you save thousands of dollars.

Interesting fact: The average cost of repairing a vehicle with historical problems is over $3,000.


Be careful when trading vehicles

6.25% of all vehicles have write-off records, 25% of vehicles have potential risks when trading, 18% of vehicles still have not paid off loans when they are sold , 10% of vehicles have a risk of recall , If you buy a problematic vehicle, the average repair cost is over $2000.

Interesting fact: All the problem above can be solved by a simple AUCN Car Report at very low cost.


Authoritative Official Data Sources

AUCN Report data comes directly from authoritative official government databases and third-party financial and insurance companies, we will not miss anything about your car.

Interesting fact: Personal Property Securities Register and AUTOROADS all provide data for our report.

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AUCN Report helps a lot for used car purchase

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    We trusted AUCN Report's information on a used car that we wanted to purchase. In the world of used cars this proved to be invaluable advice.

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    The AUCN Report is rich in content, including several points that our buyers are most concerned about. In addition to being able to help buyers to eliminate the risk of buying a car. It helped me pick the car of the right price.

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    Highly impressed, very comprehensive and informative AUCN Report, if purchasing a valuable vehicle, the report gives peace of mind and a guarantee.

Our reliable data sources

Make the car unable to lie to you.

  • british-transport-police
  • department-for-trasport
  • dvla
  • austroads