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See what risk you will take if you do not do REVs check and get the comprehensive car history report.

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used cars sold hide a potential issue
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allows you to search the official REVs record for financial interests on a vehicle. Prior to 2012, this service was provided by the state based REVS (Register of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Vehicle Securities Register).

This site was created to help Australian used car buyers do the right checks on cars they intend on purchasing.

If you buy a used car with money owing to a financier from a previous owner, it could be repossessed. If you don’t check for financial encumbrances (REVS check) you could end up losing the car you have just purchased.


Just enter the VIN or Rego number into the search box on this page and we will direct you to the most comprehensive REVS checks and vehicle history checks in Australia.

FAQ about REVs Check

A search of the state-based Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVs), or the Vehicle Security registers (VSR), was known as a REVs check. You can do a Do a used car search or vehicle search, if you have a VIN or chassis number, or Search by serial number if you only have the manufacturer’s number.

All you need to run a REVS Check in NSW is the vehicle identification number (VIN) or the Rego number. Just enter the VIN or Rego number in the search box, hit search, pay, and the results will be delivered to your phone and email.

This usually takes less than 30 seconds, however it can take up to 2 minutes. provides most comprehensive car history report which provides everything you need to know before you invest in buying a second-hand car, truck, motorbike, boat or trailer.

It doesn’t matter whether the seller is a dealer or a private seller. A comprehensive REVS check report can help you in both situations.

If you purchase a vehicle from a private seller who has an outstanding loan attached to the vehicle (this is called an encumbrance), the vehicle could be repossessed and you could lose your money.


You can check the PPSR – previously REVS (Register of Encumbered Vehicles) – on this website to determine if the vehicle is encumbered. In addition to doing a REVS check, we also recommend buying a history report that includes information about whether the car has been written-off, stolen, flood damaged or whether the odometer has been rolled back.


Doing a REVS check is the simplest way to prevent repossession by a financier if someone else still owes money on the vehicle. If the vehicle is encumbered, you should not purchase it until you are satisfied with the arrangements made by the current owner to repay the debt.


You need to be sure that the registration, engine and Vehicle Identification (VIN/Chassis) numbers on the registration papers are identical to those on the vehicle.

Prior to 1989 VIN numbers varied between 11 and 17 characters, and is also called chassis number. We can provide report for both VIN number or chassis number. Therefore information on vehicles manufactured before 1989 is limited.


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